We admit that some people say that they can not teach writing. But we can show how others have written. And our first intention is to show you how you have written. Our service is the companions and attentive readers. Imagining requires patience, writing is to gather together “little” until the story is more than the sum of its elements. For that “something” to appear it is necessary that we do not say everything. With the proposed texts we will try to find out what they say and what they hide other authors and also how they solve different situations.

Our methodology is OULIPO debtor and the concept of potential literature. We will try to trace a route through the vericuetos of the literature taking into account its indications. We do not pretend to judge texts in the academic way, but to enjoy them.

For all those interested in the contents of the workshop that Marta Sanuy offers that because they live outside of Zaragoza can not attend the classes face-to-face, together with La Piscifactoría offers the possibility of following it through the Internet.

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