Correction of Texts

Have you written a novel and need the opinion of a professional?

Do you have to present a text and want it to be absolutely correct?

Do errata slip into your articles?

In we have experienced readers, writers, proofreaders and critics who can help you.

Do not hesitate: the writing process concludes when the text lacks syntactic, grammatical and orthographic errors, so that it can be presented to any publisher, agent or institution without fear of being found imperfect.


This type of revision of literary texts (narrative, poetry, script, theater, etc.) and commercial (catalogs, websites, programs, medical texts, technical, etc.)

1. Ortho-typographical correction
2. Correction of style
3. Critical reading and professional commentary

The ortho-typographical correction involves the complete revision of the text to ensure the total absence of spelling and typographical errors. Does not include comments or style review.

The price of an orthographic correction is 2 euros per 3000 characters with spaces (approximately one page), plus a fixed fee of 20 euros.

The style correction is closer to the syntactic and grammatical analysis and to the revision of the use of the punctuation, the rhythm, the duration of the sentences, the verbal correction … It includes the orthotypic revision.

The style correction has a price of 3 euros per 3000 characters with spaces, plus a fixed fee of 30 euros.

In the critical reading a comment is made on the effectiveness of the text, its correct adaptation to the author’s objectives and the possible modifications that can improve it, offering an overview of the same by a professional reader in the form of written commentary . The style correction is carried out here in a deeper way.

The rates for this specialized comment vary according to the number of characters in the text. Approximately, to analyze a text of 1 to 20 pages costs 50 euros. From 21 to 30 pages, 70 euros. From 31 to 40, 90 euros.

There is the possibility of a comprehensive revision of the text , which would include the three options: ortho-typographic correction, style and critical reading. The price is the result of adding the rate of the correction of style and the critical reading, subtracting a 15% discount to the final price.

Our rates are very competitive. You have only to compare them with those of other similar services.

The corrections are carried out on the original text, which you can send us in any word processor file, and they are returned marked in pdf so that you can see all the changes and in a final document in .doc that you can modify.

Anyway, each job is different and fits your needs. Always ask us the final budget. If you’re in a hurry, you can count on us too!

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