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If you want to register for the literary creation workshop, in its form of narrative or poetry, click here .

You can do it through the Paypal gateway, the safest Internet. For this you can use your own Paypal account or simply use your credit card.

There are different forms of payment:

Monthly Bonus Subscription> 60 € Subscription> 60 €
Quarterly bonus Subscription> € 160 Subscription> € 160
Payment per session Non-recurring> € 20 Non-recurring> € 20
FAPE Offer Subscription> 40 € Subscription> 40 €
FORUMS AND NETWORKS Subscription> 50 € Subscription> 50 €


You can pay once a month, once a quarter or every time we send you material: each shipment has theoretical material, reading and writing proposals and reading and review of the exercises.

If you belong to FAPE or any of the forums associated with, you can benefit from the offers.

Thanks for your interest

For Poetry and Literature Writing. Click Here.


The Poetic Creation Laboratory was held at the Jose Hierro Poetry Center Foundation from 2003 to 2007. Since then it has been held in different universities and creative spaces (La Casa Encendida de Madrid, the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico , The Center for Contemporary Culture of Elche) and, after a season during which it was offered at the headquarters of Experimentaclub in Madrid, is currently part of the offer of permanent workshops of La Piscifactoría Creation Laboratory. This time your content is adapted to be offered online.

For all people interested in the contents of the Laboratory that for residing outside of Madrid can not attend the classes face-to-face, together with La Piscifactoría offers the possibility of following it through the Internet.

For Poetic Writing and Literature Writing. Click Here.